We are looking for health club masseuses trainee, who will provide our clients with professional and exciting wellness treatments and massage treatments. You will offer a full range of procedures to meet the various needs and goals of the client.


Give 30 or 50 minute massages. Guide customers through our service offers and help them choose the types of massages that will benefit them the most. Take detailed stories from clients, including information about any injuries or conditions, such as diabetes Develop sessions around specific customer complaints or problem areas. Listen to customers during the massage and adjust the technique according to their needs. Offer a massage schedule for repetitive sessions. It helps with washing and folding all the laundry in the treatment rooms. Perform any other duties entrusted by instructions.

-Area Description

Kalamata is the capital of Messinia , the second biggest city in the Peloponnese, after Patra. It is built at the foot of Mountain Kalathi (ridge of Taygetos), in the heart of Messinian Bay. It is a modern city with public services, university departments, hospital and international airport. It has a vivid nightlife during winter and summer, in the historic center and the beach.


Everybody is eligible to work in hotels, however the program is highly beneficial for those studying a degree related to tourism and hospitality industry. Previous work experience in the same field is considered a huge advantage. We are looking for open-minded people who are ready to work and are willing to meet new challenges in their life.

-Curriculum Activities

Kalamata is a resort city that is conveniently located off the coast of the Ionian Sea. It is interesting from the point of view of rest with the whole family - so, here each of its members will be able to enjoy every minute of their stay in the city. The thing is that you won't have to sit around without work - here everyone will be able to find something that will appeal specifically to him. From water activities are available diving, fishing, surfing, as well as sunbathing and swimming in the Ionian Sea. The city is located in a mountainous area, which also allows you to engage in climbing.

-Work Day

You will be working 8 hours per day with a break for your meal. There are different shifts at the hotel so you may be working in the morning,evening or night shift. You might have a straight shift (work 8 hours in arow) or a split-shift (work 4 hours first and after a break work another 4 hours).

-Who Can Apply

Students ath want to join our International practice program.This will give you a life changing experience. You will get international working experience which always will be valuable for future employment. You will earn money, meet new people, learn about new cultures, improve language skills, develop communication skills, improve your personality and make unforgettable memories.