Kitchen Helpers perform various cleaning, maintenance, preparation, and stocking duties in the kitchens . They wash dishes, help Cooks prepare meal ingredients, and clean kitchens.


1. Preparing meal ingredients for the Cook, which includes washing, peeling, cutting, and slicing ingredients. 2. Assisting kitchen staff to unload food supplies from delivery trucks. 3. Properly washing and drying all dishes, utensils, cooking instruments and cutting boards. 4. Neatly putting away all utensils, cooking instruments, dishes, and cutting boards in their respective places. 5. Packing take-out orders as needed. 6. Removing garbage, replacing garbage bags, and washing garbage cans. 7. Mopping and sweeping the kitchen areas as required. 8. Storing ingredients and food items according to food safety standards.

-Area Description

Nissi beach is probably the most popular beach in the whole of Cyprus. It consists of 2 connecting beaches one large one (very busy) and a smaller one (more secluded). Nissi beach is famed for its beautiful golden sand and clean crystal clear waters. Enjoy your drinks in one of the sand bars there. The beach is located 3.5 kilometers West of Ayia Napa’s town centre. It is covered with fine golden sand and it is well sheltered from the winds, hence the mild waves. This phenomenon is remarkable and is considered a landmark, both for Ayia Napa and for Cyprus in general.


We are looking a hard-working Kitchen Helper to clean, stock, and maintain the kitchen as well as help with the preparation of meal ingredients.

-Curriculum Activities

This tiny island has a grand history. Coveted by empires across the centuries, Cyprus' enviable position has made it a prize possession for all who rose to power in the Eastern Mediterranean. Today, people still flock here, but it's now to seek out the island's beaches rather than to gain power and glory. For travelers interested in more than sand and sun, you're in for a treat, as Cyprus has archaeological sites, fine Byzantine churches, and monasteries and museums galore. It's also a wonderful place to go hiking, with an incredible wealth of unique flora and fauna. Best of all, it's so small that you can easily base yourself in one town and head out on day trips from there.

-Work Day

You will be working 8 hours per day with a break for your meal. There are different shifts at the hotel so you may be working in the morning,evening or night shift. You might have a straight shift (work 8 hours in arow) or a split-shift (work 4 hours first and after a break work another 4 hours).

-Who Can Apply

Students ath want to join our International practice program.This will give you a life changing experience. You will get international working experience which always will be valuable for future employment. You will earn money, meet new people, learn about new cultures, improve language skills, develop communication skills, improve your personality and make unforgettable memories.